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DIY Rhinestone Frames

Today  we are going to be making DIY Rhinestone Frames for your wedding table numbers.  These frames are available for purchase on – 8 for $115 – but I will show you how to make them here for a fraction of the price.


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What you will need

  • Glue
  • 5 x 7 picture frame with a wide frame (I got this one at the dollar store)
  • Scissors
  • Silver spray paint
  • Rhinestone mesh
  • Straight edge razor (not shown in picture)
DIY Rhinestone Frames

Step 1

Take apart your picture frame so you just have the frame.

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Step 2

In a well ventilated area set up your spray painting backdrop or box.  Read the back of your spray can and shake it for the recommended allotted time.

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Step 3

Using a sweeping motion spray paint your frame.

DIY Rhinestone Frames

Step 4

Using your craft gloves balance the frame on your hand and spray the edges of the frame. Rotate the frame and repeat.  Place your frame back in the box to dry.

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Step 5

Once you frame is dry, bring it back inside and lay down a piece of cardboard to work on.  Lay out your rhinestone mesh and place the frame on top  to measure.

Creative Weddings by Michelle

Step 6

Pull the rhinestone mesh over the top to meet the bracket. Holding it there pull the excess mesh from the bottom (don’t make it to tight), folding it onto the under lip of the frame and measure where your cut will be.

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Step 7

Glue into place (The E6000 did not hold very well and it took a couple tries with long periods of holding it in place to get it to stay – Use a glue Gun)

Creative Weddings by Michelle

Step 8

Using your razor trim the bottom of your rhinestone mesh to fit the underneath of the frame and glue it into place.

DIY Rhinestone frames

Step 9

Your ends will look like this – trim then to look like this:

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DIY Rhinestone Frames

Step 10

Pull the longer bottom part over the corner like a present and glue it into place.  Flip the frame over and trim the excess mesh on the sides.


DIY Rhinestone Frames

Step 10

Lay out another piece of Rhinestone mesh for one of the sides – measure and cut


Creative Weddings by Michelle

Step 11

Match up the Rhinestones on the front so it looks like one continuous piece and glue into place.

Repeat on the other side and on the bottom.

DIY Rhinestone Frame

End Result

And there you have it – a beautiful frame that your guests will marvel at.

Creative Weddings by Michelle

All you need is to print your table numbers and put them in the frame.  Another project complete.

How did your come out?  Questions? Comments.  Love to hear from you!!





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